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We have official naming rights of the box office at the Cross Insurance Arena, formerly known as the  Cumberland County Civic Center!  If you are looking for tickets to a particular event, contact the Trusted Choice Box Office today!
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Trusted Choice signs are displayed at the Augusta Civic Center, Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, the Androscoggin Colisee in Lewiston and Sukie Area in Winslow!   

With Maine's population of just over 1.3 million people, 205,000 patrons visited the Augusta Civic Center.  Foot traffic at the Cross Insurance Arena was close to 600,000 in just 10 months of the 2014 calendar year!  The Androscoggin Colisee brough in over 300,000 patrons! 

These facilities over a wide range of events which include sporting events, business trade shows, graduations, political events, the Shrine Circus, music concerts and more!  Our signage is clearly visable to a diverse group of insurance consumers.  


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                                  Androscoggin Colisee' - Lewiston, Maine

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Cross Insurance Center - Bangor, ME

Trusted Choice is also at the car races!  That’s right, Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough, Maine!  The TC logo is included in all nightly rosters, which are given out free to fans – more than 50,000 given out during the season!  The TC logo is displayed on 20 signs around the track and on the speedways website, and their website includes a link to  Every time there is a crash, the announcer will say “oh, oh…I sure hope they have a Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agent who will help deal with that mess!”  Between races the announcer will say, “Fans, the racing you are watching tonight is very dangerous and so is the normal driving you do every day.  That’s why you need to be sure you’ve placed your insurance coverage through a Trusted Choice Independent Agent.  They can offer the best product and price to meet all of your insurance needs.” We even sponsor a race series, so go cheer on the "Trusted Choice Wild Cats" division!

Now that the brand is visible to the consumer, is your agency visible to the consumer?  Make sure you have completed your on-line profile at so consumers can find you!


Please contact Lisa Veregge at for more information about Trusted Choice!